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Registration and Checkout FAQs

Answers to questions about the registration process and checkout.

What is Step 2 in the registration process?

Step 2: Entering the Billing Contact Information.

This page is for entering contact information for the person responsible for paying the registration fees. At the top of this page you will see the name of the lesson you are registering swimmers for. Below that you will see a list of swimmers that you are registering for the selected lesson. You may add another swimmer here if you forgot one in Step 1.

In the Billing Contact Information area you may or may not see the Discount Code field. The rest of the fields are pretty standard. If you leave this page for any reason, (like going back to review a swimmer's information), and then return, you will have to re-confirm your email address and enter the security code again.

Please read the Waiver and Release of Liability carefully before proceeding.


Once you are satisfied with the Billing Contact Information, click the "Next Step> Review what we have entered so far!" button. This will allow to review your Swimmer's Information and the Billing Contact Information before moving on to Step 3.


If everything looks cool click the "Next Step>" button. These are 2 very boring buttons, considering the buttons on the last last couple of pages! Anyhow, this will take you to Step 3: the Registration Cart to view all your registrations and check out.

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